Benefits Of Using Anti Slip Tapes

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A simple way to help to avoid mishaps is using anti-slip or non-slip tapes on stairs and floors. These tapes come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and forms each specifically manufactured for a specific purpose ensuring maximum security.

Older buildings by way of the instance are areas where safety and health issues usually do not be evident especially on an old, irregular staircase. Non-slip and anti-slip tapes are easy to use on these surfaces. If you are interested in buying draw tape then you can visit this website.

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Regulations for companies to adhere to and implement have been in the past ten decades. In 1999 The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations have been introduced to put out to companies their responsibilities of health and safety at work. Since that time, employers have been required to carry out risk assessments in the workplace by an in house health and safety officer or a professional risk assessment consultant.

The risk assessment identifies any issues, risks, and deficiencies at work from anything from fire extinguishers and fire drills to poisonous fumes and possible accident hot spots. This act offers guidance, codes of practice and regulations for the company to perform the risk assessment as fast and as easily as possible.