Clothes Hangers and it’s benefits

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To prevent your clothes from having wrinkles you are required to have this device. The clothes hangers are designed that it resembles the human shoulder making it easy to hang all your coats, skirts, shirts and even trousers. They are of three types and include the wire hanger. It is made of steel and is a simple loop which is triangular in shape. It can be handmade provided that you have a piece of wire most preferably steel. The second type is the plastic hanger that is recyclable and reusable. The other advantage of this type of hanger is that they are of varied shapes and designs and they can accommodate any piece of clothing. Some of these plastic hangers are designed with clips on the lower side that are used to suspend the skirts, dresses and trousers.

The third type is the wooden hanger that is uniquely designed since it is also requires small pieces of wire that are used to form the hook. They are designed into triangular shapes that appear flattened where by the lower bar is used to hang the trousers and the skirts. These hangers require wooden or metal bars where that are suspended before hanging the clothes.

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