Downsizing Your Real Estate for Upsizing Fun!

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Baby Boomers are seeing a shift in the type of housing they have envisioned living in, after retirement or becoming empty nesters.

Many are retiring much sooner and are still looking forward to an active lifestyle. Leaving the larger house behind and downsizing is often the answer.

Often it makes sense to move into a smaller piece of real estate and have financial freedom in your pockets. Recent reports have shown that as many as 39% of Boomers that are planning to retire within the next 3 years still have mortgages, so are planning to downsize as an attractive and necessary plan.

Having a Financial Planner assisting with this retirement strategy is always recommended. You can browse to know more about downsizing homes.

As the Boomers needs and lifestyles change, so do their "home" requirements. Today's routine is often busy and these Boomers don't necessarily want to be bound to a large property or spending all of their free time doing yard work. No, these aging Hipsters are planning Kayaking, Biking, Golf and Skiing trips!

For those that are interested in moving further out of town, intuitive Developers are enticing young and active Retirees with townhouse communities that include yoga studios, pools, skiing, golfing, bike trails and fitness facilities.

They include year-round activities for an active and fun style of living. Having like-minded people living close together creates a sense of community that goes beyond "bridge night!"

Many are enjoying this condo-type lifestyle that allows them to escape for winter trips south, while snow shoveling and maintenance is looked after.

Another group of aging "hipster" Boomers are also choosing to downsize but remain living in vibrant Toronto with its theatres, restaurants, galleries, museums and more!

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