Explaining Pallet Racking System And Its Types

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Pallet racking is a form of storage system that is suitable for bulk material handling and storing. The storable objects are kept on the pallets which deliver solid platform to store heavy and bulky items. These kinds of storage units are characteristically common in the warehouses. Also known as skids, these pallets are either made of wood, galvanized steel or plastic which allow forklifts to shift bulk quantities of storage articles around the warehouse, sans hassle. There are many variants in pallet racking systems and each comes with distinct features and benefits.If you are looking for cardboard angles,paper sheets or pallet Blocks you can simply search online.

The cost of the pallet racking units varies on the density; the more the density is, more is the cost. Among the others, the   rack type is the most cost-efficient one. Some of the common pallet racking systems that are used are:

• Drive In 

• Block Stacking 

Drive-In Rack 

It is considered as cost effective and high density storage unit. Drive-in systems load and retrieve materials from the same side, creating Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) basis. The tracks that lie in between the racks allow forklifts to take out or keep the articles.

Block Stacking 

Block stacking is another cost-effective solution. Here the pallets are kept on top of the other. The block stacking type utilizes the floor space fully but there are dangers of toppling of the stored articles due to load instability leading to damage of the stocks. 

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