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Water purifier systems are not all created equal!

They highly vary in the quality of their manufacture, as well as the quality at which they are able to purify and filter your water. The degree and way in which they purify your water is some what by design.

What I mean by that is, various water purifier systems are designed to eliminate certain contaminates, however not all of them, unless that is what they are designed to do.

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As an example, consider the Ultra violet light filter. It is designed to kill microbes, however it does not remove large particulates in the water, that is not its purpose. So having some knowledge about the different purification types is important while you shop.

Fortunately, when you know what is in your water, you can choose wisely.

Once you educate yourself on various types of water purifier systems available, you will then choose yours by design. Therefore, its paramount that you get your water report from your local division of the E.P.A. to find out what exactly is in your water. Contact your local branch, and they can send the water report on your municipality.

So, which type is best for you?

Modern water purifier systems include various filtering stages in their design. They incorporate methods such as reverse osmosis, which removes several impurities from water including total dissolved solids, turbidity, asbestos, lead, and other toxic heavy metals.

Activated carbon filtering is often used in water purifier systems because of its ability to remove chemicals. Thus it is useful in removing chlorine and improving the flavor and taste of your water.

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