How To Clean The Screen Of Your iphone 6?

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There are several ways of cleaning the iphone 6 and you should use iphone screen protector if necessary. . If your iPhone is heating up, try to determine if it's heat from the iPhone itself or reflected heat from the sun. It is wise to turn off a hot iphone for a couple of hours. If it happens frequently it will be serious problem and you need to be careful about this fact. You can even check on the store of its duration and warranty. While using your iphone you have to remember that it should not be loaded fully. These are about the internal function. Now you are to know about the external parts of your iphone which is equally important. That mean you should save your device by using iphone screen protectors.

Some people use liquid to clean the LCD screen of iphone. You can use a dab of strong rubbing alcohol on an old tooth brush and use the brush and a can of compressed air to clean the holes. But don't use too much alcohol. The potential of liquid getting into the phone would make anyone nervous, so proceed at your own risk. Thus, if you are to take care of the iphone screen you have to be sure about the process.

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