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There are quite a few different options to choose from depending on variables such as; precisely how much someone is willing to pay, your degree of IT, as well as the size of your hotel. You can navigate here  to know more about the hotel booking systems.

Hotel Booking Systems Options

1. Phone inquiry – This assumes that you currently have a pre-existing internet site or information page on the web, however, no desktop computer at the actual hotel.

2. Web-based Enquiry – This assumes you by now have an existing website- blog or information page on the internet but you do have a laptop or desktop and e-mail services.

3. Web-based Hotel Extra-net – Run and hosted on a organization's web-site and you log in.

4. Internet based booking system – either purpose built for bigger hotels) or, off the shelf run on your computer system or even directly off of the World Wide Web

Number 3 and 4 are definitely complex however, we will describe in greater detail in the next paragraphs.

Phone. This is the most basic of the entire web-based Hotel booking systems. Not really a legitimate on-line program, yet it is included because people could possibly come across the Hotel Web site or page you have already established. This involves a call to your Hotel and reserving a room inside a journal. (Still being used by several smaller sized hotels, b&b's, and also holiday apartments.

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