Reasons to Choose Dye Sublimation over Screen Printing

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There are a lot of reasons to choose dye sublimation shirts over other shirts. Here are some points that help you to understand that why sublimation printing is better as compared to other.

Dye sublimation

  • Design longevity is the main benefit of sublimation design. In other words, it does not peel, rub etc. easily.
  • With the help of this technique, full-color images can print onto hard surfaces.
  • Very effective in case of promotional items like for schools, sports teams, charities, parties, reunion and much more.
  • Sublimation printing is a very quick process to produce because it allows the same hour and same day printing.
  • Dye sublimation shirts provide complete customization. Meaning, it is a very easy process to customize the designs with any element that change such as team logo, number, individual names etc.
  • It is an easier process and machine washable.
  • It can print vector as well as high-resolution raster too.

Screen printing

  • In screen printing, ink only lays onto the fabric. That is, not actually inserted into the fabric.
  • Less cost as compared to dye sublimation printing.
  • There is no any heavier machine and tools are used in this type of printing.
  • Small-scale productions are possible because of no use of advanced machines.
  • Screen printing is not much environment-friendly as dye sublimation.

To learn more about dye sublimation printing, you can search online.

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