Stitch your own table covers

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Table covers are no longer a drab piece of material, which protects the table. These days, the best part about them is that one can make and use them in various ways. To start with, one can always go to the length of making or stitching, to be precise, one such cloth.

Steps to stitch your own table covers:

There are few important things to consider, which are of utmost importance before one can start stitching these table covers.

  • The first thing is to determine the fall of the same. The next things are to determine the design. The most important thing that comes handy, which measuring the table cloth, mostly round in shape, is the simple equation that- radius is half the diameter. There are several other techniques as well.

  • The next thing is the design. For embroideries and certain stitching patterns, it is important that there is some prowess in the way one would like to do the stitching.

  • For beginners, they can even try with some of the stick on stickers. These stickers won’t wash away with the constant washing machine dredge. They have glues, which would make them stay put and by ironing on this design, it permanently fixes the design on the piece of cloth.

  • One can always add frills and bows and anything and everything that suits the room decor and the taste of the maker.

Stitch the table cover that would suit perfectly and make lives easier. There is nothing that would brighten up a room, with a pop of color and of course some designs made by the owner themselves.   

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