Taking Care of A Chihuahua Puppy – Dangers

  • March 27, 2015
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Taking care of your new Chihuahua puppy is a large and important undertaking. The puppies are small and basically excited and also, as any kid, curious and adventurous. You require to make special and carefully thought out designs before bringing your small bundle home.

Eliminating Chihuahua Puppy Dangers

 of the most important of the things you require to plan for is your new puppy's countless sense of curiosity. A puppy is so small, that things you may not think being of any importance could be a great and sometimes unsafe discovery to your pup. That is why it is so important to puppy-proof your house to make sure your unknowing puppy doesn't get hurt. Get down on the floor, right down where your puppy will be and ask yourself, "What looks like fun?"

Here are some things to look for:

Electrical cords and outlets. Your pup can chew in to a cord, which may cause shock and burns. Also, licking outlets will cause the same evil results. Pulling on cords can sometimes bring the lamp or radio crashing to the floor, possibly even on your small. Guard against this. Place plastic outlet guards in to unused electrical outlets to keep it from being licked. Use twist-ties to shorten the length of cords, to keep them out of your pup's reach.

Unstable objects, such as bookcases or tables. These pose a danger to your puppy also. If your adventurous decides to jump on of these unstable pieces, they could basically bring the whole thing down on top of himself.

Decks and stairs. A puppy could basically go tumbling down the steps of your house and crash to the floor. This might not only hurt your pup, but frighten him tremendously. Use kid gates to prevent this.

Doors. Doors present a great danger to your pet. Pups can be, mournful but true, crushed by automobile or house doors, hurt by jogging in to clear glass doors or windows, or they can be lost out of doors. A large amount of caution ought to be used when a household has a puppy this small, but here some practical things you can do to protect your pup. Use door stops, put glass decals or something similar to help your puppy notice the glass door, use screen doors or kid gates to keep your small from going outside.

Items left on the floor. This will hurt you over your small. Your pup has teeth, and likes to make use of them. Make sure you don't leave any of your cherished possessions on the floor where they could be chewed. Keep in mind: It is your fault that they chewed something precious; they didn't know it was anything special. Make sure and have your things picked up, but if your pup gets caught in the act, punish him with a firm tap on the nose, and a, "No!". Don't be harsh with him for something they didn't know was wrong. For more help visit puppycarez.com.

Your new Chihuahua pup will make a pleasant new member of the relatives, but don't forget to prepare for him. Puppy-proofing your house is a way that you will make things better and safer for both him and you. Have fun along with your new puppy! For more help visit http://wellnessdogfoods.com/.

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