Tents – What Are The Best Choices?

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Tent sizes are often referred to as two men, four men, six men, etc. In most cases, you should not take this term for granted because; at best, it represents the maximum number of small and medium-sized people who can sleep in tent-like canned sardines – without any additional equipment.

Weight is not that important with a mobile camping surplus tent, but of course, if you have a backpack, you want the lightest tent that is still big enough for your needs. Aim for surplus tents that weigh no more than four to five pounds per person. You can also buy surplus tents online via an online source.

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Weight is not an issue for an in-car camping tent, so choose a size larger than a backpack. A camping tent for a car to be used in the summer should have plenty of netting to keep the tent cool and serve as a shelter from insects. 

When you canoe, your tent choices are similar to the choices you would make if you were walking and changing places every day. Dome tents are probably the best choice for most canoe campers. 

A good lightweight camping surplus tent doesn't cost too much, but make sure you get the quality and features you need and you won't save much. You don't want a poor-quality tent that will run or be difficult to put up and takedown.

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