Tips To Prevent Finger Or Thumb Sucking

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Start with the child

In order to stop the thumb sucking of your baby, you need to talk to a baby first.  

Explaining to them why they necessitate ending, and possibly even showing them, will go a great way to increasing break the habit. They really do have to want to do it. You can also purchase the hand stopper thumb guard for your child to stop thumb sucking.

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Use a thumb sucking breaker

The idea of the navigator is to warn kids that they have a finger or thumb in their mouth.

For example, there is a nail polish that can be applied to paint nails (we used this on my child). A more extreme measure is a thumb or finger protector that is worn all the time. 

Both of these tricks trick children into getting their thumbs or fingers out of their mouths because it becomes less comfortable for them to continue the habit.

Orthodontist brace

This is another option for parents and will be put in place about 3 months before the habit ends and about 2 months after that. There are braces that act as permanent habit-busters. 

The pincers have small "gates" on the roof of the mouth that immediately remind children to release their thumbs.

While it can be difficult for parents to stop children from sucking their thumbs, especially if it turns out to be difficult and you may need an orthodontist, it is worth a try. 

If the habit continues into puberty, it can have serious repercussions for children, including the need for strong braces to improve alignment. 

It is also possible that the tooth needs to be extracted to make room for the remaining teeth so they can return to their proper place to maintain a good excess bite.

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