Turkish Cotton Bathrobe With Hood

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Just in case you are wondering why anyone needs a bathrobe with a hood on it, well, there can be a number of reasons. When you have to jump out of the bath or shower in hurry and your hair is dripping wet, that can be one reason. If you have to answer the door or run outside in your bathrobe in chilly weather, that could be another reason. When you are just walking around the house after your bath or shower and feel chilled, that could be reason number three.

A hooded bathrobe may not be something everyone wants or needs, but some people love them. One of the most popular materials for these hooded robes is Turkish cotton. A lot of people love Turkish cotton because it is a very breathable fabric that can dry quickly. When you are fresh out of the tub or shower, it is an ideal choice in robe wear.

Another reason Turkish cotton is so popular for robes is the softness of the fabric. Turkish cotton has extra long fibers, referred to as ELS. The longer the cotton fibers are, the more soft and luxurious feeling the fabric will feel. It actually becomes softer every time it's washed.

I visited http://luxuryofthepharaohs.com/ while I was searching for hooded Turkish cotton robes for husband and my kids.. I opted for the hooded version made by Arus for my husband and I went with Linum for those for my children. They made excellent Christmas presents for everyone!

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