What Is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

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Plastic surgery is also a valuable tool for reconstructing a part of the body deformed from a birth defect, illness or injury. Reconstructive surgery can be appropriate for patients for medical reasons or to correct conditions that interfere with daily living activities.

However, it does more than just alter the appearance by tweaking the nose (rhinoplasty) or enlarging or even reducing the size of a woman's breast. You can also get professional reconstructive surgeon for best solutions.

Patients born with a cleft lip, or cleft pallet for example not only face a life with a visible disfigurement that may also face a life where they are ostracized by their family or culture because of a visible physical defect.

These defects may also be life threatening if patients are unable to access proper medical care and receive the proper care and treatment. Plastic surgery can save lives by correcting these birth defects, allowing patients to the live normal, healthy lives they were meant to live.

It has also been a valuable asset for cancer survivors who may require breast reconstruction surgery after losing breast tissue to cancer.

Plastic surgery has also played a part in the recovery of skin cancer patients as well. Patients with skin cancer are often surprised to learn that it can increase their cure rate while at the same time reduce the disfigurement that skin cancer can cause.

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