8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Burglar-free

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You lie awake at night in your bed. Suddenly, you hear a suspicious noise. Was it a twig snapping, an animal climbing the roof, or glass breaking? Are the children OK? Did your pet wake up?

It can be terrifying to think too long about all of the things that can happen to you or your property as the result of a break-in. What is scariest of all is that home invasions are real and do happen. Property is stolen, innocent homeowners are hurt, and real people's sense of security and privacy are lost. 

It is important to do all you can to keep your home safe. Burglars are professionals in a strange way; they know the signs of an easy job and can tell which properties to avoid. Be one of those properties that they avoid. Here are 8 tips to achieving a secure and burglar-proof home.

1. Lock Your Doors

This may surprise you, but many people do not actually lock their doors. Sure, most people lock the front door at night, but what about doors to the garage, yard, and balconies? Is every possible door not only locked but deadbolted so that no one can possibly enter quietly?

2. Lock Your Windows

Windows can be broken, but they can also be opened quietly. Burglars can often see through a window and check if the latches are locked. If not, they can enter your home unnoticed by slipping in through a window and slipping out with your valuables. Always keep your windows locked. You will only need to open them during a fire or other emergency situation. 

3. Keep Valuables away from Windows

Of course, a burglar will happily break open a locked window and hop through it if they see expensive goods right inside. Be sure that your electronics are not visible from first-story windows. If you cannot find a way to keep them away from windows, then hide them. For example, set a tall vase next to a flatscreen TV so that a burglar looking through your window would only see the vase. Also, close your curtains.

4. Keep Your Dog Out

Dogs make great sleeping buddies and indoor friends but they are also natural bodyguards. If you have a big dog or a dog with a loud and forceful bark, keep them in your yard at night so they can deter criminals. If you are not comfortable leaving your dog out in the yard, then at least post a "Beware of Dog" sign on your fence as a deterrent.

5. Put away Valuables in Your Yard

Do not leave bicycles, portable grills, or other valuables in your yard without securing them. You may even want to consider securing your outdoor furniture with locks and chains at night.

6. Lock Your Garage Doors

You never know when someone might try to pry open your wooden garage doorsto get to your car. This is actually easier than you might think. If you have a very valuable car, consider using the locking mechanism on the inside of your garage door. It should be toward the bottom and resemble a deadbolt. If your garage door is not locking then you should really think about investing in a new one. You can find garage doors online at very reasonable prices

7. Travel Smart

Put a hold on your newspaper and mail if you are going to be out of town for several days. You can also ask a friend or loved one to check on your home or even house-sit.

8. Install Home Security

One of the greatest ways that homes can be burglar-free is by installing home security systems in Calaveras, CA. These systems can include burglar alarms, motion sensors, monitoring services, and quick access to local authorities so the police, fire department, and paramedics can respond to an emergency situation right away.

While all of the 8 above methods are effective at keeping homes burglar-free, your best line of defense against criminals–from vandals to violent home invaders–is the use of a security system that is current and uses the most advanced technology available for your budget. Start shopping for new home security systems in Calaveras, CA, as soon as you can so that you can rest peacefully and your family and pets will be as safe as possible.

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