A Fair Settlement Under Your Defense Base Act Benefits

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Filing a Defense Base Act (DBA) claim can be a long and arduous procedure. By making sure you create the deadlines to maintain all the right documents, it can get complicated. 

While filing a claim has a procedure, so will the payoff. Even once the settlement is agreed upon by both parties, it must still be approved by the Department of Labor (DOL) until you get the money. 

This is because the DOL wants to ensure that the defense base act settlement is reasonable and just to you, as the injured claimant.

defense base act settlements

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Before the settlement is agreed upon and, even before you head into discussions with your defense base act insurance provider, you likely should know how much to ask for in the settlement. You need to make certain you're asking for and obtaining a fair settlement.

 A fair settlement is just depends upon various factors since each client and case are different. But, several tips can lead you in determining the fairness of your DBA payoff.

As the DBA doesn't compensate you for your "pain and suffering" you want to focus on your financial losses resulting from the injury. The insurance company will fight you, if not all the losses you suffer, so it is important to try and calculate a reasonable settlement ahead of negotiations so that you know what an unfair compensation looks like.

-Medical expenditures, paid and outstanding.

-Future medical expenditures.

-Lost wages — past and future.

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