A Introduction To Flanges

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A flange is also known as ring flange or flaunching. Flanges are usually used to connect two pipes together through the bolts or the welding approach.

There is a shim block between the two flanges to fill the irregular sealing surface in case of leakage. The shim block is a ring which is constructed of a material with the power and also the ability of elastomeric set.


A flange is applicable to many areas. For instance, you would have noticed that they are used on the railings. By doing this, the wheels are stored in nice movement and the railings are not easily worn out. There exist diverse materials that the flanges made from.

Among them, the steel is the frequent material. The Stainless Steel Flange 10K, PN, ANSI (which is also known as “หน้าแปลนสแตนเลส ” in the Thai language  ) manufactured from stainless steel would be quite popular in many areas as its extended service time.

Flanges do amazing favors to pipes system because they enable the system to stay strong for a long time avoiding incidents such as leaks. We can take another example on the use of the pipe flanges-blinds. They’re flanges with round plates but no centre.

There are additional flange types, too. Whenever the working environment appears to be of high pressure, it is advisable to utilize the welded flange. It would efficiently prevent the pipes from corrosion. While under the low pressure, it is better to utilize the flange with bolts as it enables the smooth flow. Some flanges are intended to prevent slipping can also be readily available to the surroundings of reduced pressure.

At this moment, you’d wonder if most of flanges are round. Actually, there are numerous sizes to meet the many requirements. Rectangular, round and oblong flanges are the common ones. When you pick the flange, do a determination that fits with your needs correctly.