A Piece of Advice For Your Vacation at Bali Villas

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Having an idea to spend time in Bali with your loved ones or beloved spouse? Or are you going to have a honeymoon in Bali? It is advisable to choose one of the villas in Bali as a destination to stay since Bali villas provide you private area and atmosphere exactly like at home.

Kuta is indeed a famous area in Bali but there are other 5 recommended areas in Bali which provide you the best views, services, and environment. This type of villa can make you comfortable just like you are home but with a lot more brilliant personal services and advantageous facilities. Are you ready?

The first choice in the entries is Seminyak. Seminyak can be found in Badung Regency, north of Legian, within only thirty minutes from the airport terminal. Most villas in Seminyak were created luxuriously by positioning the unique and fashionable elements such as shimmering bathtub and bed which can be combined with fantastic lighting technique. You can also book a villa via http://www.villaretreat.net/ to enjoy your vacation.

As if the beach is yours, indeed the views offered by this area for the private villas are beautiful sandy beach which these beaches play as the playground of the friends, right before your door. In the meantime, though this area is modern with elegant boutiques and eateries almost everywhere however the location and situation of the villas still make sure your privacy.

For the time being, the next best area in Bali for private villas is Uluwatu. Uluwatu is recognized as holy area for Hindu-Bali people because the great and revered Uluwatu Temple is situated there. Therefore, the environment will be calmer than the areas. You can also read this article and get more information regarding luxury villa.

Canggu, a location in Badung regency is also one of top five areas that have super comfortable private villas. As villas in Uluwatu which provide you blue dazzling beach as the view, villas in Canggu also offer beach as the excellent view, yet villas with stunning rice field view are also abundant. 

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