Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses – Say Goodbye to Dry Eyes

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Acuvue Oasys Contacts with Hydra clear Plus are all Ideal for Men and Women who:

- Work in a difficult environment

- Sit in front of a computer monitor all day

- Eyes are tired after a long day's work

- Desire comfy feeling lens daily

These contacts are a daily wear schedule i.e. you simply take them outside in the close of the day, wash them and have them prepared to wear to the following moment. It's strongly suggested that you replace them every 2 weeks. To get the acuvue oasys disposable lens you may browse

Benefits & Features

- Soothes tired and dry eyes

- Really comfortable – feels as if You're not wearing lenses in Any Way

- Hydra clear Plus engineering makes the lens feel silky smooth and moist

- Outstanding UVB & UVA protection constructed in

- Visibility tint and interior out marking to create managing your lenses simpler

- Reduce the need for rewetting drops

Try before You Purchase

Want to test Acuvue Oasys before purchasing? Acuvue provides you an opportunity to try out these lenses at no cost! A fast search on a few of those searches engines for free trial contact lens may take you to a page in which you fill in your data and they ship you a free pair. It is that easy.

Purchasing online

Now you find the advantages, you're asking yourself “Where do I access these contact lenses?" There are a number of things that you need know before purchasing online.

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