Alcohol Addiction Programs: Know which Is Better For Addiction

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Alcohol addiction treatment helps thousands of alcoholics throughout the United States each year make a lasting recovery. A clinical alcohol addiction treatment is required for long-term sobriety. As with any other addiction, alcoholism is a neurologic disease.

There are three main types of treatment plans for alcoholics – inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient care. They each have their advantages and disadvantages, and specific programs are better for certain situations in life. There are so many dual diagnosis treatment centers are opened by the government for the substance abusers or alcohol abusers.

Here are the details about the different programs offered for the treatment of alcohol addiction:

Inpatient Treatment

This program designed to quickly generate a radical lifestyle change. They are the most effective way for severely addicted people become intoxicated, but they also require the most time and effort. Inpatients spend 30-90 days to live full time at their treatment facilities, and they receive fifty or more hours per week of intensive therapy.

Partial Hospitalization

It is a treatment method of transition to alcoholics who had undergone inpatient stay. Recovering alcoholics sometimes not ready for the challenges and responsibilities of their full-time living alone, so that they continue to receive therapy during the daytime. In the evening, they were free to return home under the supervision of clinic staff.

Road-patient treatment

Outpatient alcoholism treatment involves intensive therapy together with other programs. However, patients are required to visit their clinic for a few hours per day. Once they have received treatment, they are free to use the rest of their time as they see fit. Although the level of freedom may not work.

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