All About Android Phones

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Android is a cell phone operating system manufactured by the research provider Google. Employed on a huge array of smartphones, Android is now the best-selling mobile operating platform on earth.

Android is an open source OS, allowing anyone build their own applications to be conducted on Android platforms. The Android OS can be utilized in tablets, using the most recent variant being Android 3.0. Though the Android OS has already been in use because 2008, routine updates and service for Google retains Android that the leading-edge system it’s today.

Mobile phones operating the Android working system all have a comparable set of attributes supplied by the OS. The Android OS is designed to be run on smartphones, phones that could run a number of Java-based programs that provide the telephone added performance. If you want to know more about android phones and applications then visit

The most well-known aspect of this Android platform is accessibility into this Android Market. Very similar to the Apple App Store, the Android Market enables users to download games and applications to get their own phone, many of which are now free.

The Android operating system enables mobiles to be made by many producers. With the present generation of 4G telephones, the top manufacturers are Motorola and Samsung. Motorola is the founder of the Droid lineup of mobiles – a series which were made popular with their own accessibility with Verizon service in the USA.

The Nexus has been the very first telephone to use the newest Gingerbread operating system and also included a strong processor and 512 MB of RAM. The Nexus S has 16 GB of storage and may get into the 4G system employing a Sprint support program.

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