An English day by the beach

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When I think of an English holiday to the seaside I think of a windy beach, topless beer bellied men and delicious chippy chips wrapper in newspaper covered in salt and vinegar. It will begin to get warmer in the next few weeks here in Britain and I look forward to the hilarious and sometimes disgusting times at the beach. English people aren't really made for the beach and don't keep themselves in the best condition but who cares! 

So how do the chippy vans make such good chips? The chippy vans use a mobile deep fat fryer backed up by a generator which powers all their cooking appliances. They have to be very careful with the oil as it can be a hazard when driving from seafront to seafront. They dust the chips in a small amount of flower before deep frying which gives them that thick greasy feel and taste. Although not the most hygeinic they also very rarely change the oil which again gives them that thick geasy feel.

Unfortunately for us we have short summers here in the UK so it is not often we get to go to the beach! But do try make the best of it when the weather comes! 

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