Audio Transcription and its Importance in Business

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 Audio transcription refers to a process wherein recorded text is converted into written format. As a part of this process trained professionals play the audio files on audio players. The matter recorded is then heard by the professional and is typed using a text editor. After transcribing the file it is edited so as to remove irrelevant or unimportant matter and the matter is proofread and checked for grammatical and other errors.

Audio transcription is extremely important and useful for businesses, health care companies and hospitals and legal firms. Transcription can be used to convert important matter like legal and medical dictation into written matter. It can also be used to record the matters discussed in interviews and other important meetings. A person doing the transcription work ordinarily possesses a great deal of experience and has the requisite technical knowledge as well.

Audio transcription can help in maintaining record of the important matters discussed in meetings as well as those included in medical and legal dictations. The transcribed data can then be accessed by individuals who were not present for the meetings. It is also easier to get references or finding important data from the text transcripts than searching for it from audio files. These transcripts can also be useful for hearing impaired individuals.

Audio transcription can be effectively done with the aid of some equipment. The equipment needed for this includes a good audio player, computer, headphones and foot pedal. The audio recording can be played on the audio player and the transcriptionist listens to the audio files and types the content. The foot pedal is used to stop and start the audio file. The transcriptionist is required to have excellent listening and comprehension along with analytical skills.

The transcription of the matter can be verbatim transcription wherein the audio file is converted into written format word to word. The conversion can also be done after editing and removing the unnecessary matter. The matter can be transcribed and converted into several different formats including .wav among others.

In many cases transcription companies require the clients to upload their matter on the server. This is then accessed by the transcriptionists and converted into written format. This is then made available to the client. It is extremely important to ensure that the transcription company selected possesses the requisite experience and expertise in completing the work. Some of the factors that are important in selecting transcription companies include the degree of confidentiality, turnover time and accuracy.



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