Automatic Sliding Doors Which You Can Install In Your Home

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The sliding doors are one of the greatest examples of modern doors. They can now be installed in households, offices, and many other public places. These doors are easy to use and are installed in places where there is less possibility for the installation of swinging doors. These doors usually run along the track and have small wheels fixed at their base for the smooth movement and sliding.

If you are someone who likes to decorate their homes with this modern technology then it is necessary to know the same variety of sliding doors that are presently available on the market. Reading the article, you can come to know the variety of automated sliding opening doors that you can install in your home.

KONE Automatic Sliding Doors

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Pocket Sliding Door:

A pocket sliding door is a beautiful door that you can install in your room. The advantages lie in the fact that they take up less space to be adjusted in relation to a hinged door which takes about one square foot of the inside space of a room. They are one of the oldest since the discovery of sliding doors. They are mainly used by the owners of smaller homes where space is a constraint.

Aradia Sliding Door:

An arcadia sliding door adds a luxurious appearance to your home. They are usually made of glass and are of rectangular shape. They are placed on similar rollers that are settled on a glass panel. When you open the door, it will be in a line parallel with the glass panel which on closing the back door at the same location.

Bypass Sliding Door:

Another type of sliding doors is the bypass doors. You can usually see them on cars and closets pantry. They usually have two panels. The purpose of these two panels is to allow a portion of the door to remain closed while another part is open. These doors have tracks up and down as well.

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