Avoiding the Pitfalls of Spouse Visa Application

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One of the most common pitfalls of applicant couples is that it is easy to get one as long as they are partners of Newzealand citizens or permanent residents in NZ. 

Many people often fall for this misunderstanding just because a friend or relative is able to do this or that way easily. Here's one thing to remember: every visa application is unique in every aspect. Even if someone you know could get them visas easily, might not be possible so for your case. Thus, you still need to really put in a lot of effort when applying for a visa. You can get Newzealand eta visa via https://www.newzealandetavisa.co.nz/.

Many people are also often commonly believed that a marriage license is all that is needed to secure a partner visa. While this may happen in some cases, it is always better that you present a complete set of documents.  

Another common mistake made by many of applicant couples going through the entire application without getting the proper help. More than often, the most common reason for them is that it is expensive and that they can do it themselves.

Despite getting an immigration agent was not really required when applying for a spouse visa, it really would be worth all the money you put in. For one, they have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle your case properly, and even if they do not love doctor, they will be able to convince the consul so much better that you deserve visa.

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