Back-up Power Protection for Computers

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Regardless of what manufacturers say computers are fragile machines, an unexpected power failure can damage hard drives easily. If a hard drive becomes damaged and doesn't spin properly, your system can no longer detect your data.  If that happens, there is the possibility that anything from a temporary data loss to internal hardware issues can occur.  The recovery process can take a long time and for business, loss of time is a loss of money, and in extreme cases, the data can become impossible to recover.

Having an unstable power supply is also a problem waiting to happen. High and low voltage can lead to component damage and overheating.  Low voltage also causes performance related issues.

Clean power is a further issue to consider. Particular areas where office buildings are located do not receive clean power.  Clean energy itself consist of the right voltage and frequency, on the other hand, unclean power causes your computer and servers to work harder, which leads to quicker deterioration of their components.

UPS is your solution

A high-quality UPS system will protect hardware against damage, power failures and unclean power. It acts as a backup system ensuring seamless electrical flow and no interruption in the power supply between your servers, the computers and the main power supply.  A UPS system will not maintain power for a building in extreme power outages that last a long time but will certainly give you the required time to back-up everything you need and attend to urgent business.

These devices also clean the power before it reaches your computer. Some can connect to your computer and send a signal to shut down properly when you are experiencing a power outage, an invaluable tool to have at your disposal.

The options range from the most straightforward Standby UPS which are the cheaper versions to Delta Conversion UPS which is one of the latest innovations in UPS technology, and it has been designed to eliminate drawbacks of double conversion UPS systems to provide more energy efficiency and more extended protection. The highest rated systems on the Australian market currently are Eaton Australia.

UPS equipment is essential protection for any computer system and should be of high priority.

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