Basic Components Of A Check

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A check has many different components. Most people don’t notice these components when they are writing and cashing a check. These components provide useful information about the person who is writing the Checks Unlimited, his account and the bank he is operating from. Here are the components of a check;

1.You and your banks information.

If a check is yours, it will pose your name and address and other details such as drivers license and telephone number. All this information is displayed on the top left hand corner of the check. The banks information is found close to the bottom above the “memo” line. The banks information gives details of where the money is being drawn from and its address.


The date line is found on the upper right hand side of the check. This shows the date when the check was written. The date is also used to show when the check can be cashed. For this reason, some checks have a future date written on them.

3.Check number.

The check number is found on the top right hand corner of the check. Checks come in different numbers to help banks track checks that have been cashed from an account. They also help people in record keeping.

4.Memo and signature.

The memo line is the last line on the bottom left side of the check. The memo is used for explaining what the use of the money is. The signature line is where the checks owner signs to authorize the check.

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