Basic info About Dryer Works

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 Most dryers have different knobs and switches on the control panel which allow you to adjust various settings of your drier. On the dryers with a digital readout, there is usually a push button pad you would use to make the selections rather. The door button is located on the inside of the dryer cabinet close to the door frame.

When you close the door it will activate a change and tell the dryer to start running. When you open up the door, the switch will stop the power to the majority of the dryer’s inner components and it will turn on the interior light (if it has one). If your dryer does not stop when you open the door you need to stop using the dryer; otherwise, serious injury could result.


The timer provides the electricity to the heat component. When you close your dryer door, set the timer, and push the start button, the engine will start. In about one second the motor will achieve whole speed, and then a switch on the motor enables electricity to flow in the heating element through a thermostat.

The important  fact is Air Dryer is a very important equipment in the compressed air system (which is also known as ” Air Dryer เป็นอุปกรณ์ที่สำคัญมากในระบบอัดอากาศ” the Thai language  ).

Next, the heating element will start to glow red hot, air from the mill will pass over the component, in the drum, and out the exhaust vent. After the dryer reaches pre-determined temperatures a thermostat turns off the power into the heating element. Once the temperature in the drier drops roughly twenty-five degrees, the thermostat sends electricity to the warmth element again and then the cycle will start over.

Automatic setting 

If you chose the automatic setting on your dryer this cycle will keep going until the clothes are dry and then the timer will progress and turn the dryer off. If you picked the timed setting the cycle will continue until the time has run out and then the timer again will turn the dryer off.

Gas drier functions: the only distinction is at the burner assembly. First, you shut the door, push or turn the start button, and then the engine starts. After roughly one second the engine will reach whole speed along with the switch on the motor turns on, allowing power to flow via a thermostat to one facet of the gas valve.