BassCat Cougar FTD A Leading Machine for Bass Boats

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Talk modern day bass boats and the BassCat Cougar FTD will not miss in the discussion. It is a boat that speaks to the modern bass fishing enthusiast that also love a bit of speed in their bass boats. The Cougar FTD is a top model in the Bass Cougar series of boats. To get more information you can click here:

The latest model comes with several new changes and additions that not only enhance the Cougar boat series regarding performance but also looks. A quick walk through might make you understand why this is one of the leading bass boats on the market.

The Trailer

It always makes sense to buy any BassCat boat along with is trailer. For the Cougar FTD, the trailer is unique; designed to offer easy of handling. One particular thing that standout is the grab pole that makes it easier to attach the trailer to a truck and also to climb onto the boat when it is on the trailer. Another cool addition is the steps just under the grab pole and inclusion of LED lights and boat buckle tie-down straps among other features.

The Boat

The Cougar FTD comes with a lighter low-profile trolling motor that runs on three batteries. It comes with a graph on the front console with room on the front of the boat for an extra graph for down imaging, sonar and mapping.

Regarding storage, Cougar FTD comes with 6 storage compartments on the front deck, to put your fishing gear, emergency kits, and other tools. There are 2 extra storage compartments under the seats and two live-wells. The storage configuration also includes 2 coolers.

On the console, the BassCat Cougar FTD comes with an adjustable steering wheel, digital readouts, fuel gauge, security systems, water pressure gauge and a control and navigation panel. The boat weighs around 1805 lbs and is 20’4” in length with a 94” beam among other features that are somewhat a standard in most BassCat boats.

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