Beyond the Fundamentals of Email Marketing – Hosted Exchange Or Webmail?

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If you operate in a Small and Mid Size company (SME) there's a big likelihood that you're sending, receiving emails and sharing contacts/tasks/calendars on hosted exchange or Webmail powered email hosting solution option. However, what is the differences between the hosted exchange and Webmail and what's the best choice for your organization?

Beyond the Fundamentals of Email Marketing - Hosted Exchange Or Webmail?

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Most SMEs generally don't have enough time, a large IT budget or technical personnel to implement and maintain a complete in-house email infrastructure. Other factors such as prices are normally the key reasons why hosted exchange or Webmail email hosting is getting increasingly more popular.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchange relies on Microsoft's most current exchange server with Microsoft outlook as your customer. With Outlook you can do more than send and receive email, you can share calendars, contacts, and folders. Outlook is available for desktop, browser and cellular access so you're always connected, whether you're in the workplace.


Webmail gives you “anywhere, anytime", calendars, emails, contacts, and task lists. It's meant to be as powerful as a desktop client, such as Outlook. The only limitation is that you will need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Share contacts

Shared contacts are often available with the hosted exchange alternative. Other users can be allowed access to edit your contacts. Usually, there's absolutely no ability for shared connections with the Webmail alternative.

Share tasks

You can typically share tasks among users with hosted exchange. You are able to assign a job to other users. You can select the users you wish to invite and automatically observe the best times to match.    

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