Black Truffle Sea Salt The Unusual Mushroom

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I've been looking for black truffles for a long time. I just don't know where to look, as not too many places in Europe to sell them. Actually, the best place is one I've heard of only from my grandmother, Italy. Italian truffles were very rare, so I was glad to find a small farmer that grows them.

The most common way to get truffles is through the use of sea salt. But I wanted something a little more exciting, something like truffle salt that has also a few other ingredients.

So I began looking for a truffle sea salt that would be made from black truffles. It was quite hard to find. Only a few companies offer it, but there are even fewer sellers of the sea salt. You see, no one is selling black truffles because they're a rare type of mushroom, as many people think.

If you look on the internet, the only way to get the truffle sea salt you need, and find it at all, is through an international shipment. It's difficult to get these large quantities from places in Italy, France, or Spain.

One thing I'd like to mention about these mushrooms is that they grow wild all over the world. The only reason we don't see more of them is that they don't thrive well in our modern environment. We must cultivate them to be safe, and we've been doing so for centuries.

To prepare the truffle sea salt, you take a bunch of black truffle salt. The more the better. Do not let the truffles reach room temperature before grinding them up. Once they are ready, put them in a blender with water, black pepper, and sea salt.

After that, you'll want to add your pepper and salt to taste. Once you do that, start processing them until the salt is distributed evenly throughout the black truffles.

Put the lid on your blender and turn it on low, and just keep adding the truffles until they're fully blended. Keep doing this until you have a smooth paste. Now that you have a perfect paste, it's time to make your truffle salt, and season it to taste.

Some people prefer to steam their truffle sea salt while others prefer to serve it on the table. You can serve it on its own, or you can mix it with some steak and pork, or with salmon, eggs, and cheese. It's a wonderful garnish.

A great gift indeed. And as you can tell by the name, you can use it on almost everything, both meat, and fish.

As you can tell by the name, you can use it on almost everything, both meat, and fish. That being said, it does help for truffles to be served on top of the pasta when they're on the plate.

To conclude, I want to say that if you're looking for a great way to jazz up your meals, consider adding black truffle sea salt to your menu. You'll be glad you did!

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