Brief Information For Spinal Injuries

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Spinal Injury can be extremely serious and can cause you extreme pain and discomfort. If you or someone closed to you has spinal injury, medical attention needs to be taken immediately. Spine injuries cause problems and can be temporary or permanent.

Exactly what are spine injuries and what causes them?

Spine injuries are damages caused for the spine which affects functions in your body such as ability to move and feeling. The spinal cord doesn't need to be broken so that you can lose some of our bodies functions. The spinal cord might be intact yet loss of functions can happen. Around 50% of most spine injuries are a result of vehicle accidents, 28% by sports injuries and 22% a result of falls. As such, the primary cause of spinal cable injuries are by sudden impact and the damage will be experienced immediately. You can get more knowldge on spine injuries and treatments by searching for progressivespineandsports.

What will be the effects of spinal cable injuries?

Effects of back injuries are largely relying on the type and importance of injury. Spinal cord injuries might be complete or incomplete. A complete injury is when there is totally NO function below the injured area. Zero sensation, feeling and movement might be felt or made and both sides from the body will be damaged. An incomplete injury patient will still be able to carry out there some function below the injured area for example moving a limb or possess some sensation. Patients who have experienced an injury above the first thoracic vertebra will suffer paralysis of all four limbs. 

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