Bring graffiti art to your walls

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Courtesy-Vogue Australia

Graffiti art is a famous street art from where the artists paint colorful, vibrant and larger than life pictures. The art is mostly seen on street walls and the origin dates back to 1967. Since then, many artists have made paintings on these walls. The imaginations play a vital role in murals or street art painting. This lovely art form has also made its way to homes and other places indoors. In addition, anyone who is looking for a way to add some color to their room must consider getting a mural on their walls!

Idea and concept visualization is important

The artist needs to be completely aware of the idea his/her client has in order to paint a mural that defines their imagination. Therefore, an artist first hears the idea out and conceptualizes that on a rough sheet of paper. The client can add or remove the elements from the painting. Once the idea is completely conceptualized, the artist goes ahead and paints the mural on the wall.

Change your office vibe with street art painting

Offices also need a complete change in look. We have always seen dull and single color walls in an office. However, offices can add that wow factor by getting some simple murals on the walls. A conference room vibe will completely change with a simple mural addition on any one wall. It is about time that we take street art canvas to our office waiting rooms and cabins.

Change the way your office look with a great mural on the wall!

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