Care For Your Mushroom Logs

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You must soak the stems in unchlorinated water for a period of twenty quarters. You can use the container of your choice for this purpose. Such containers can take the form of tubs, rectangular shapes for pots, five-gallon buckets.

The log must be immersed in six inches of water. You can use tap water in this situation. If you use tap water, the water must remain at least twenty-four hours before you put the log.

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This helps in the evaporation of chlorine. Place objects in each carcass so that they remain completely submerged in water. You can make the dyeing process as creative as possible.

Use a clean cloth or paper towel to dry the log. That's a smart idea to keep a log in the refrigerator overnight. This step will help create a cold night. Temperature fluctuation is needed for growth.

Then you have to keep a log in a dark place at home. The temperature in the room ideally ranges from sixty-five to eighty degrees. The fruiting process slows dramatically due to temperature fluctuations.

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