Choose A Wool Rug For Your Home

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Are you renovating your rooms with new decor ideas? An area rug is a must-have for any room that needs to be renovated. It's strong, durable, and adds aesthetic value to your space.

Wool fiber is resilient to crushing due to its very nature. They can stretch up to 35% without rupturing, and then return to their original size. Wool is more resistant to soil than synthetic fiber and easier to clean. If you want to get more information about handmade wool rugs, you can visit

Wool's high moisture content makes it naturally flame-resistant. Synthetic fibers may have improved over time, but they cannot match the quality and beauty of wool.

When buying a wool rug, it is important to take into account the size, design, and quality of the wool. Your rug's size will depend on the space in your living room, bedroom, study, hallway, or stairs. The next step is to choose the type and color of design that you want. 

You can choose whether you want your rug to match your walls or if you prefer contrast. You can choose from a simple or more complex design. 

Wool rugs can be difficult to buy. It is difficult to determine their originality and uniqueness unless you are an expert. Expert advice is recommended.

It is essential to properly care for your valuable possession. Your wool rug is not suitable for steam cleaning or dry cleaning. The rug's longevity is affected by dry cleaning, which leaves chemicals in the fiber. Steam cleaning removes the oil from wool and converts it to dead wool. 

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