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Many people consider waterfront dining to be the most romantic venues for a date. When it comes to choosing a venue for waterfront dining, Geelong has a great deal of choice. With the extensive areas of waterfront in Geelong, it is possible to find a fantastic location for a great meal which can truly wow your date.

While the prospect of wowing your date may seem a little overwhelming, there are a number of points to consider which will aid you. You can check out waterfront cafes in Geelong online.

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Check out the ambience: With the vast array of restaurants offering waterfront dining, Geelong residents will find a wide variety of different atmospheres and ambience. If you are looking to create a romantic theme to your date, you will need to choose a restaurant which caters for this with softly lit tables, which offer a beautiful view allowing you to view the water and the sunset.

However, if you are aiming for a vibrant exciting evening, there are also waterfront restaurants which offer an upbeat ambience with a great fun atmosphere. You will need to check out the ambience of your potential restaurant to ensure that it meets your needs.

Assess the type of restaurant: When you are researching waterfront dining, Geelong venues will provide a number of options from casual relaxed cafes through to fine dining restaurants.

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