Choosing A Daily Makeup Routine

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Every girl needs to have a daily makeup routine. Keep reading for a great checklist.

Give your face a good wash

Before applying a new layer of makeup, you need to give your face a good clean. Use warm water to open up the pours, and then use your favorite cleansing soap to clean them out. You should also try to use a facial scrub on your skin at least once a week.

Apply a layer of moisturizer

Soften your skin with a layer of moisturizer. Remember to spend a few minutes rubbing it in, so that your skin absorbs on the nutrients included in the cream.    

Base makeup

Next up is the bare mineral foundation, which is used to smooth out your facial complexion and cover up any blemishes.

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The eyes

You can choose whether to add eyeliner, mascara or both. The thickness of your eye makeup will depend on your agenda for the day. For special occasions, add a dash of eye shadow to complete your look.

The lips

Try to keep a light lip gloss in your purse for everyday use. This makeup essential doesn’t just make you look good it also hydrates the skin on your lips. Remember, that the brightness of your lip color will depend on your eye makeup. Go bold with one, not both. Before applying the lip gloss in the morning, you should try gently rubbing your lips with a soft brush to remove any dead skin cells.

These are just a few of the basics, some people will choose to use blush as well, but it’s totally up to you. The important thing is that you feel confident and look great!

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