Choosing A Used Centrifugal Air Compressor Is The Right Choice?

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Buying a used centrifugal air compressor for an installation could be a fantastic decision. This type of compressor is less common than positive displacement compressors, but in some industrial contexts, it is a better choice.

Air compressors are used in many different industries. For example, they are used in agriculture, automotive, food processing, manufacturing, metal processing, and textiles, to name a few. If you are looking for the 'best screw air compressor distributor' then you may visit websites dealing in such things.

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Positive Displacement Air Compressors

Most types of used compressors are classified as positive displacement. The most common varieties include:

Rotating screw: A screw or fan blows air into a chamber whose capacity is then reduced to compress the air.

Piston: A piston pushes air into the chamber.

Used air compressors for low pressure or intermittent use are almost always of this type. Hand tools such as nail guns and impact wrenches rely on positive displacement compression, but larger industrial processes are often too.

Negative displacement compression

A used centrifugal air compressor is mainly useful for very large applications. Often, an installation requiring a constant flow of pressurized air is better served by a centrifugal compressor than by one of the positive displacement options.

This equipment uses a turbine to alternately quickly accelerate and decelerate the air, which creates high pressure.

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