Common Reasons To Consult An Elder Law Attorney

  • January 3, 2017
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All of us are familiar with the term 'elder law' and wondered what, exactly, it meant. They are the laws that affect the lives of senior citizens and their families. There are many different issues that fall under the category of elder law, but some of the most common are outlined here.

1) Social Security Disputes

Social security is a financial safety net for many seniors after retirement. Depending on the monthly checks you receive from social security can be difficult, particularly if you don't feel you're receiving appropriate benefits. If you have a dispute over your social security payments, an elder law litigation attorney can represent you and protect your interests, helping you get the social security benefits you deserve. You can explore the web, to know more about elder law attorneys.

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2) Helping with Financial Planning

If you are going to retire soon, an elder law specialist who has experience in financial planning can help you in developing a solid, long-term financial plan that will protect your finances while allowing you to live comfortably in your golden years. Estate lawyers can also help you choose an appropriate nursing home or assisted living facility when the time comes and oversee your finances to make sure your bills are paid and your property is handled correctly.

3) Grandparents' Rights

Litigation attorneys are able to represent grandparents who have lost contact with their grandchildren through no fault of their own. A divorce or separation is always heart wrenching, but when parents use their children as weapons in an unpleasant divorce, it is often the grandparents who suffer when an unhappy parent won't let children visit grandparents who are the family of their ex-spouse.

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