Content Marketing for Building B2B Brand Awareness

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Online content plays a significant role in the success or failure of any online marketing strategy. When it comes to promoting brand awareness, recent studies indicate that more companies are putting time and money into the marketing content.

Ninety percent of B2B marketing agencies use content to promote their brands, according to a multi-partner study by the Business Marketing Association (BMA), MarketingProfs, American Business Media (ABM) and Junta42. You can find best content marketing services from various online sources.

Content from these companies is being delivered through various Internet channels. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter proved to be a valuable tool in providing brand exposure marketing for B2B companies.

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Companies participating in the multi-partner study estimates more than 25 percent of their current budget expenditures go towards creating content; with about 50 percent rely on a combination of in-house and outsourced content.

Approximately half of these companies are planning to invest more resources to develop content. Despite the increase in investment, companies are facing the greatest challenge in quality content and relevancy to targeted audiences in B2B marketing.

In addition to quality, some companies are also struggling with the quantity of content. By contrast, 75 percent of B2B companies with a strong search engine presence believe visitors came to their website, especially for their content.

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