Could Being Overweight Affect Your Joint Pain?

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Being overweight can affect so many different aspects of your health such as; diabetes, hypertension cardiovascular disease and joint pain.  Recent studies have shown that excess weight can cause increase in synovitis, which is an inflammation of the membrane of certain joints.  I was recently speaking with my  San Diego Chiropractor and he informed me that for every pound I was overweight I was add 10 pounds of pressure to the joints.   That’s right folks!  10 pounds of pressure added to the joints for every pound you are overweight.  This can be especially important for those who may not be overweight but for those who are not distributing their weight evenly.  At most San Diego Chiropractors office they offer a weight balance test.  You stand on a double scale (each foot on a scale) and it lets you know if you are holding more weight to one side of your body. 

For example if you weigh 100 pounds and hold 55 pounds on your left side and 45 on your right, your left side is experiencing 50 more pounds of pressure on the joints of your left side.  How does this happen?  Everyday life.  Sometimes we suffer an injury to a knee and this can cause us to shift weight to the other side of the body when we are standing.  For those who sit a lot if you tend to shift your weight over to the side your mouse is on it can cause misalignment of the hips which can also cause added pressure.  Getting an exam with a chiropractor can help to determine if you alignment is off and you are putting more pressure on to some of your joints.  Getting adjusted on a regular basis can help to keep you in proper alignment and correct any current issues that may be contributing to the problem.  


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