Creating memories on Aussie Streets

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A clean and empty wall is always a canvas for a graffiti artist. Though unsanctioned and illegal in most places, street art or graffiti has slowly but steadily been taking over the world. This form of vandalism, as some might call it, is one of the many ways that the common man has chosen to protest against whatever it is that irks him.


But what it conveys more strongly is that art is not just meant to be preserved in a museum or sold to the rich, but it can also be used as a medium for the everyday person to share his opinions with the world. Street arts differ widely from one country to another. Below are the few forms of graffiti that could be found all over the world

  •  Hollow graffiti:

As the name suggests, in this form only outlines or shells of a picture or a word are painted while the inside is not filled with any form of colour.

  •  Tag style:

This is usually the signature of the artist. The name or the pseudonym of the Artist is written in a unique way that is usually found at the bottom of his or her work. While they have the duty of being a simple signature, they could hold hidden messages if the artist wishes to do so.

  • Bombing:

In this style, one or more colours are used on multiple surfaces of an area.

Regardless of the type of graffiti, if you are planning to get a wall tainted, make sure you contact the right expert on street art in Sydney!

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