Cutting Down Trees In Tricky Situations

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Trees can grow to great sizes creeping bigger and taller every year. Some get so tall that they tower over their surrounding buildings, power lines, and other structures posing a great risk if large sections or branches were to break off and fall onto the property below. You can also contact Seattle tree service for getting the best tree care services.

Wind, drought, diseases and pests can significantly profess the risk of major limbs falling by damaging the tree’s structure and reducing its strength and integrity. Trees at risk of falling on surrounding buildings should be removed. If you are not sure about the risk of your tall vegetation, contact an Arborist for a consultation. The cost of tree removal alternates between companies, but estimates are usually free.

Felling can be done by casting a notch at the base of the main trunk. Then a back-cut allows the tree to fall in a direction that is calculated by combining the direction the tree is leaning, and the direction your notch is facing. If you don’t want it to land on anything, be sure that the sum of those two directions is pointing into an open area.

However, Some trees require a more delicate procedure if they are going to be removed safely.

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