Did you Know Everything About Charter Schools?

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The amount of charters has increased by roughly 50 each year within the previous ten decades. claims of superior student achievement, more funds plowed into classroom resources, and higher levels of parent satisfaction easily explain the growth.

Legislators, governors, philanthropists, and both President Bush and President-elect Barack Obama see charters as the solution to massive educational malaise in this country. But if the charter school movement takes hold, it will dismantle public education as we know it.

What's a Charter School? 

Simply stated, a charter schools for children’s in San Jose is an program to a country to make and manage an alternate school. If the charter is granted, the faculty is provided state moneys to function, and it has to demonstrate accountability in financing, direction, and student learning so as to retain its own charter.

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Though a charter school is held to particular legal criteria that are applicable to all public schools, it may be unique in its own educational philosophy or management plans. 


The charter school started with the notion of simplifying the district's organizational structure to some connection between teachers of a school and their regional school board.  Ray Budde's notion was raised into public conversation in 1986 when Albert Shanker, then head of the AFT, said it at a speech in the National Press Club.

Similar laws are adopted in 40 nations, which allow charters to pursue external funds, but are restricted from charging tuition or hand-picking pupils. Unencumbered by local district requirements, charter holders assert they can use best management practices to increase student results.

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