Different Types of Magnets

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When you think of magnets, you might be thinking about magnets stuck to your refrigerator now. Or maybe you think of a giant red U-shaped magnet from an old cartoon. These are permanent magnets but there are more types of magnets then only that and this article will determine them all.

Permanent magnets are made of ferromagnetic material. There are various types of magnets such as  rare earth magnet, flexible magnetic sheet, etc.

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A ferromagnetic material is a material in which all molecules and atoms have magnetic fields that are positioned to strengthen each other. Permanent magnets can then be classified into 4 small groups. These are

1. Neodymium Iron Boron

2. Samarium Cobalt

3. Alnico

4. Ceramics or Ferrite.

The first two types are the strongest and are very difficult to magnetize. But they are also the rarest because they come from rare materials in the soil. The third class of Alnico magnets (short for Aluminum Nickel and Cobalt) is the least affected by temperature but the easiest to magnetize.

That's why they are used most often outside like in horseshoes. The last type is the most commonly used today they are somewhat like the opposite of Alnico where they are strong but are strongly influenced by temperature.

They can also be further divided into two other categories of molded and flexible magnets. The injection mold magnets are made partly with powder and they are made by a process that includes (you guessed it) injecting and molding them more strongly but is not flexible. Flexible magnets are made in strips and are much more flexible but less strong.

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