DIY Ideas For Decorating Your Wall

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If you own a big, windowless wall, then it can be the perfect canvas for the artist inside you. You can get more information regarding timber frame wall via

Never waste that blank space and with your inventiveness do something innovative:

  • Washi tape pattern: take some colourful washing tapes and use a variety of motifs to make a custom look anyone would love to watch. The best part is when you are bored with the pattern, you can just rip the tape off and go for a new design.
  • Elegant sconces: you can dress up even the tiniest areas like an entryway or nook with a little bit of glint. You can utilize ornamental sconces to annex some bling to the dull walls.
  • Coffee filter art: yes, you heard it right, you can actually find artistic inspiration with daily use items. Make use of dyes-coffee filters and simply place them in any random pattern on your wall with a glue, this will proffer a dramatic flower appearance.
  • Framed maps: try bestowing an old map a contemporary spin with a multi-frame application. Just pick up your favourite destination spots or just keep your hometown near you. Frame the maps and hang anywhere you want.
  • Rustic baskets: want to embellish your staircase wall? then, hang a pastoral wood and wire baskets.
  • Photo collage wallpaper: utilize your family photos to create a tailor-made wallpaper design.
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