Doba and World Wide Brands

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There are already a great many detailed Worldwide Brands reviews online, so instead of just talking about WWB I'm going to compare it to Doba – a useful but expensive drop shipping service.

Worldwide Brands is perhaps the largest source of wholesale and drop shipped goods online at the moment.  Founded in Florida in 1999, it's grown to be a list of more than 16 million wholesale products from about 8,500 wholesalers, manufacturers and drop shippers.

With membership at a flat rate of $299, it's no longer the most expensive source of goods and could in fact be one of the best in terms of value for money in 2018.

Doba is a significant alternative though.  Even though Doba only offers drop shipped goods (you cannot buy in bulk, or in more than one unit at a time) and costs a fairly significant $29-249 a month it's become one of the go to tools for online retailers because it's so easy and efficient to use.

Doba is like having your own drop shipping centre, where you can get any one of about two million products drop shipped to your customers, and they even guarantee to have the lowest prices.

They are certainly both worth a second look if you're setting up as a retailer or eBay seller in 2018.

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