Documentation Needed Before Your Immigration

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Immigration is one of the most taxing experiences that you can face once you decide to move to a different country. Whether it is for educational, residential or professional purposes, the immigration process takes a lot out of you. And the fact that the processes of the entire thing keeps on changing just adds to the stress. You can try and do everything yourself, but chances are that you might get more than you can handle. Hiring a professional from companies like Move Migration is what might bring you to a well reputed Sydney migration agent, so you can be guided through the process.


What Documentation Do You Need?

It is very important to get your legal documentation right when you apply for immigration. Other than your visa, legal documents are the most important part. As an applicant, you are required to bring both original documents and photocopies to the interview to avoid any complications. The following documents are required by your immigration officer, so that your migration runs smoothly.

  • A passport, valid for the next six months at your date of entrance.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Police Certificate, clearing you of charges.
  • Criminal Record, if any.
  • Colored photographs.
  • Military record, if any.
  • A Divorce Decree, if any
  • A Death Certificate of Spouse, if any.
  • Employment based cases
  • Financial Support evidence.
  • Marriage Certificate, if any.

It is important to note that if the documents are not available in English, or if you cannot give the interview in English, then you need to have a translator. With these steps you can minimize chances of an error during the process itself. 

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