Emergency first responder courses

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Emergency Situations

emergency first responderWhen an emergency occurs, there is always going to be first responders, who are basically the first people on the scene to help out in a situation. There are a ton of things that should be done, but the first and foremost thing that should be done during a real emergency is help should be called. There is a full protocol that is taught at various first aid and CPR training classes, all of which first tell you to assess the situation, which should dictate the actions that you take next. For example, if a person is drowning, or is not breathing, you are going to handle this very differently than a person that might have gotten knocked unconscious for any reason. 

If a person was pulled out of a pool, for example, the protocol would be to call an ambulance, check for a pulse and breaths and start CPR, or just basic rescue breaths. If there was a pulse but the person is not breathing, it is essential to give them rescue breaths, which should force air into their lungs, keeping them alive until better help can get there. There are all sorts of situations that may occur, but the reality is that the first responders, regardless as to whether they are professionals are not, very well may be the only thing that determine whether a person lives or dies, so if you find yourself in a situation where you are an emergency first responder, it is important you keep your head cool and act quickly and intelligently.

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