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Some Facts About Sommelier are:

1. Sommelier is not just a waiter/waitress. A Sommelier learns the tastes of its customers. They teach and explain the various types of wines by matching up the wine with the customer.

Their goal is to please their customers with not only the perfect wine but with perfect food as well. They are really passionate about wine and people. You can join sommelier course online to learn about wines.

2. Is a wine steward who oversees the wine cellar. They stock warehouse of fine dining establishments.

3. Consult with the chefs to determine what the best wines will complement the food. Know how to serve wine with the right glass and the ideal temperature. Much of the information is learned through the Sommelier course.

4. Men make up 95 percent of Sommeliers. They are working on a restaurant wine list and working with suppliers. It is their responsibility to maintain the restaurant wine cellar.

Sometimes Sommeliers really became a celebrity in the foodie world and write wine articles, host wine tastings, tours behavior vineyards, etc.

5. The need to be up-to-date on beers, ciders, beers, and cigars (which is after dinner). The sommelier should be familiar with their selection of restaurant menus and wines.

6. Choose from a variety of wines including a good, lower-cost and higher vintages. Note: one bottle of wine can cost thousands of dollars. An important responsibility is to choose the house wine. Know about every single wine in the cellar and every dish on the menu.

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